Big Data Project

Progressive wine businesses and regions must continually build and manage customer relationships to maintain a competitive advantage in the global wine market.

A Big Data Project was commissioned by the Adelaide Hills Wine Region (AHWR) to examine existing consumption data, uncover knowledge gaps in consumer purchase behaviour relating to products and experiences from the region, and to generate a series of evidence-based practical recommendations could be implemented by AHWR businesses, stimulate trade opportunities, drive sales and open untapped markets.

The project involved three distinctive phases:


Phase One involved a comprehensive literature review to identify gaps in understanding of consumer behaviour and establish a context for the research phases of the project.

Phase Two involved an expansive customer experience survey of cellar door customers, who provided data of their personal drivers towards wine consumption.

Phase Three involved the preparation of a Visitor Experience report which involved consultants visiting wineries in the region.


The purpose of these three phases was to use captured customer data to gain a greater understanding of customer motivations that drive purchase choices, and to enable businesses to exploit this information for sustained long-term growth within the Adelaide Hill Wine Region. For this reason, the project has now provided evidence-based solutions that can be implemented to market products and services to customers, effectively handle transactions and attract lapsed business back to the cellar door.

The following documents are available for AHWR members use:

AHWR Literature Review and Market Research

AHWR Consumer Survey Analysis Report

AHWR Visitor Experience Report

AHWR Final Report

Infographic Recommendation Fact Sheets

1. China Ready

2. Mailing Lists

3. Product Offerings

4. Online Presence

5. Brand Awareness

6. Cellar Door Development


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